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Thursday, March 19, 2009


The first ride on my new (larger) gas tank, left me stranded in the middle of downtown Nashville in a hairy spot on the interstate. luckly Kiwi saved me. i quickly realized that with the super slick positioning of my fuel petcock, i have absolutley ZERO reserve. when its out, it out. so i bought this fuel can from a camping store before our FLA trip. holds 33oz of gas. I packed it in my side bag and it gave me a nice sense of security going thru the mountains and 'no shoulder' interstates of Georgia. on the way home it saved me. we were riding into a headwind and didn't get as good as gas milage as before. i ran out just short of our planned 100 mile stop. again in a hairy situation (fast lane) on a 4 lane interstate. I pondered this creation in the next 605 miles home. figured it needed to be a permanant fixture. my main concern was making it secure, especially since i usually ride up front..

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