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Friday, March 27, 2009

IWB holster for my 1911

this is experimental, design wise. An "IWB" (In WaistBand or Belt (not really sure the correct term) is designed for extra concealment while just wearing a t-shirt. The gun is worn in the pants with only the loops and handle showing when your shirt is lifted. You can go a step further with a different strap set up, so you can actually tuck in your shirt. I rarely tuck my shirts, so i opted against. maybe another day.

I removed the rubber grips to slim it down. Just for kicks, I made this leather handle, which i kinda like, plus it's smooth on my belly. I will probably tool it up fancy tonight. The holster as a whole works pretty well, still need to mold it some more. Wearing it on the hip, where it is most comfy to sit and stand, it is still a little noticable. we'll see, or will we.....


  1. Let's see the finished product Z.

  2. badass, my friends blake and cole keep talking about this guy that does awesome leather work, As soon as I get the Kimber 1911 I'm saving for I'm giving you a call.