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Friday, January 16, 2009

My bikes bags..

This was the first bag I made for myself. Really one of the first things I made period. The toolin is pretty rough. I rocked it for a year or so.

this is the 2nd. New design. I did a "wrap around" design, with a square cut out under the "flap". This gave the bag added structural strength. the first one twisted from side to side. this solved that "flaw"..

third and current. Newest design. Side door for super clean look. the molded skull is a stash spot for spare light bulb. (they always seem to bust at night)I also wrapped it around the biggest bean can i could find, for max strength. the first too bags warped after a year of ridin in the elements, and carrying 10lbs of tools...

they have all had the "?" in tribute to Indian Larry. He was a true inspiration to me, and my bike. Helps remind me to work on my own bike, with the help of my crew. Seriously doubt he EVER took any bike in to the stealership for an oil change.....or any other repair work.

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